Happy Indie-Licious Sunday! We're going back to Nari this week, staying in Sweet Oblivion (The Sweet Series, Novel #1).


      As I slowly and very carefully walked through the hallway, my heart betrayed my front of bravery, as I grew more and more worried with each advancing step. My eyes stayed glued to the spot Ray had been lying in before, now empty.
      But it didn’t matter. None of that mattered, because as I stood staring at the empty spot and relief just starting to come over me at the thought that maybe Ray wasn’t home, someone grabbed me.
      With my body stricken and seized with fear, I tried to scream but couldn’t. One strong arm was around my waist holding me to them from behind, the other was forcefully holding cloth against my open mouth and nose. A strong smell of chemical burned my nose, assaulting my lungs and senses. As my head began to swim, I tried desperately to understand what was happening, but no answer made sense. Was this Ray? Was he going to finish what he tried to do last night and finally kill me? Mycah wouldn’t save my life, only to kill me the next day. I kicked and clawed for my freedom, but as hard as I fought against my captor and to stay conscious, I lost the battle.
      A black cloth bag was put over my head causing a whole new wave of panic to flood through me, just before my eyes unforgivably fluttered closed.

<3 Ardisone

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Eep! This is scary. They don't want her to see where she's going...never a good sign.

  2. Donna Dull Says:

    Wait, you can't stop there! lol

  3. Oh crap... why is everyone out to kill her?

  4. Intense scene! This is so climbing my to be read list :). I agree with Donna.

  5. Unknown Says:

    Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you!

    lol Thank you, Christie!! *happy dance*

  6. Drea Shane Says:

    That was a very well done scene! Now I want to know who done it...lol :)

  7. Rebecca Says:

    And...whaaaat? You can't leave it like that!!!

  8. Unknown Says:

    Wow, powerful stuff! What is it with everyone this week? The teasers have been out of this world great and can I just say that is very cruel to leave us where you did! j/k

    Elle C.

  9. Erin Says:

    Oh my gosh! I hope we find out what happens to Nari next week!

  10. Dawna Says:

    Tease! Oh wait, that's the point. Nice scene.

  11. Unknown Says:

    we are totally stocking Bailey Ardison

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